About Raina Luella - 

As a believer in the concept of YES, you CAN make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, I see things not for what they are, but for what they can become. I credit that mind set to my grandmothers, who I was lucky enough to know & love. Raina Luella is a tribute to Lorraine Yearick and Luella Williams, who both lived through the Great Depression and taught me not to be wasteful and how to repurpose whenever possible.

The average American sends 80+ pounds of textile waste to our overflowing landfills each year, adding to the many environmental issues that currently plague our planet. Textile manufacturing has a tremendous negative effect. From the volume of water needed to grow cotton and the resulting fertilizer runoff, to the considerable electricity used to produce products, to the carbon impact of shipping, the impact is immeasurable.

Raina Luella offers an alternative, by repurposing discarded clothing and textile items and remaking them into useful items with a minimal carbon footprint. All items are made locally in the US, providing jobs and revenue to local economies, and lessening the impact of shipping. 

As we face an uncertain future in the shadow of a pandemic and in a time of financial instability, political unrest and a climate crisis, it is crucial to use the existing resources we have. Raina Luella is committed to producing quality items, at an affordable price, with as close to zero waste as possible.

 In the spirit of giving back, RainaLuella donated 500+ masks to Philadelphia area hospitals at the height of the pandemic.

About… Amy Copeland

My favorite toy as a child was a little blue chain-stitch sewing machine that I used to make doll clothes. In 4th grade, I joined a 4-H sewing club and graduated to a real sewing machine. After eight years and a state championship later, I decided to pursue a career in fashion design. I currently hold three degrees in fashion and teach fashion design at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Raina Luella was actually born out of my master’s capstone project at Philadelphia University.

Additionally, I have many years of experience in couture, bridal, and childrenswear, and have worked numerous (too many to count!) hours in consignment fashion retail.  I currently live in the Philly ‘burbs with husband Graham and feline daughters Georgie and Amazon.